How to create your own label based exercises?

Using text labels rankedTo be efficient, educational tools must adapt to YOUR educational needs and provide you with the exercises you need, when and where you need them. This is why Etligliss is an open application that basically offers a working platform on which you will be able to build the exercises that your pupils need.

It is extremely easy to create your own exercises with Etigliss, and the following pages will show you how to proceed, starting with the signing up process that will set up your personal account on this site. This is absolutely free of charge and of commitment, but is required so that a certain amount of space can be allocated to store your exercises. You will later be able to download them from your personal account onto your pupils' Android tablets. Exercises are grouped by "classes" so that you can easily make the right exercises available to the right group of pupils.

Each exercise will consist of "board", made up of
Audio feature: to listen to the text displayed on each label - or associated with the image even if not displayed - the pupil only needs to hold the label for about 2 seconds (long hold) without moving it, which will trigger the tablet's synthetic voice (provided the teacher has chosen to enable the audio feature for this exercise).

The following pages provide step by step guidance on how to proceed:
  1. Create your user account
  2. Creating your labels and setting up an exercise
  3. Configuring pupils’ tablets
  4. Managing your exercises
  5. Preparing exercises validation
  6. Creating quizzes and fill-in-the-hole exercises
  7. Using the calculation quizzes generator
  8. Manage your preferences
  9. Publishing your own pictures with Picassa to use in your exercises
  10. Managing the audio feature
  11. Sample exercises
  12. Frequently Asked Questions

A series of video tutorials (in french) provides useful hands on tips that will help you get started without unnecessary delays.  

Since this tool is aiming to promote an educational approach of high quality, a few pages illustrating how it can assist in this aim are also available.

Still have questions or suggestions? Do not hesitate to use the contact form to let us know.

Label Types


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